Ted Arthur

Ted E. Arthur Oral History Interview

Interviewer and Date: Stephen R. Mark, Crater Lake National Park Historian, September 1, 1992.

Interview Location: Diamond Lake, Oregon, October 31, 1991

Transcription: Transcribed by Chris Prout, July 1997

Biographical Summary (from the interview introduction)

Seasonal naturalist 1958 to 1970. I first heard of Ted Arthur in September 1988, during an interview with Dick and Ann Brown, but lacked the opportunity to meet him until the summer of 1992. At that point he was serving as an interpreter on the Diamond Lake Ranger District. His final season at Crater Lake had been more than 20 years before, but Mr. Arthur filled the naturalist role so easily that it hardly seemed possible that so much time had elapsed since the last time he worked in the vicinity of Mount Mazama.

Materials Associated with this interview on file at the Dick Brown library at Crater Lake National Park’s Steel Visitor Center

taped interview; Most of this interview was captured on the following transcription. Some explanatory field notes and subsequent correspondence are in the park’s history files; donated several photos and documents subsequently. Slide taken of him when visiting CRLA in 1993; he is in several photos taken of naturalists during the 1960s that are in the photo file.