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Godfrey Glen Trail - Crater Lake National Park

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Time: 30 minutes

Difficulty: easy

Length: 1 mi (1.6 km) loop

Elevation: 6102 - 6102 ft (1860 - 1860 m)

Trailhead coordinates:

Latitude: N +42 52.01 or 42.86687

Longitude: W -122 08.73 or -122.14561

Altitude: 6102 ft (1860 m)

Highlight: Old growth forest, views of Annie Creek Canyon, occasional wildflowers or animals

Trail Description

Godfrey Glen (left center) on Munson Creek where it meets Annie Creek, viewed from turnout on Highway 62, Crater Lake NP, Scientific Investigations Map 2832, Sheet 3 of 4, Geologic Map of Mount Mazama and Crater Lake Caldera, Oregon (2008), by Charles R. Bacon


Godfrey Glen and Colonnades - Geological Features of Crater Lake National Park

This trail is an easy hike through an old-growth forest of mountain hemlocks and some shasta red firs. The dirt path is accessible to wheelchairs with assistance. Self-guiding brochures are available at the trailhead.

Nearly half of the trail, the southern portion, follows along the edge of the Munson Creek canyon and provides many wonderful views of Godfrey Glen, the pinnacles or fossil fumaroles, and the where Munson Creek empties into Annie Creek. The western portion of the trail follows the Annie Creek Canyon edge where a small stream, which bisects the loop trail, empties into Annie Creek.

Trailhead location: 2.25 miles south of Park Headquarters from a turnout off the Munson Valley Road. The turnout is on the south side of the road.

Historic Note: Godfrey Glen was named by Park Superintendent E. C. Solinsky in memory of William C. Godfrey, Chief Ranger, who in the discharge of his duties lost his life in a snow storm near the south entrance of the Park, Nov. 17, 1930.

Seasonal Information: Expect the trail to be covered in snow from October to early July, however, conditions vary somewhat from year to year. See Crater Lake Current Conditions for more information.

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Godfrey Glen Trail Elevation Profile



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USGS 30' x 60' Crater Lake 1989 1:100,000 50 m 11359 KB (11.1 mb)
USGS 30' x 60' Diamond Lake 1978 1:100,000 50 m 11606 KB (11.33 mb)
USGS 1 x 2 Klamath Falls 1970 1:250,000 200 ft 8463 KB (8.27 mb)
USGS 1 x 2 Medford 1976 1:250,000 200 ft 9630 KB (9.4 mb)
USGS 1 x 2 Roseburg 1970 1:250,000 200 ft 10053 KB (9.82 mb)



Please remember to practice "leave no trace outdoor ethics" when you are out on Crater Lake National Park's trails...and have fun!




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