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Stuart Falls Trail - Crater Lake National Park

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Difficulty: Moderate

Length: 3.84 mi (6.2 km)

Elevation: 5092* - 6299 ft (1552* - 1920 m)

Trailhead coordinates:

Latitude: N +42 48.96 or 42.81601

Longitude: W -122 10.83 or -122.18052

Altitude: 6299 ft (1920 m)

  *intersection with Red Blanket Creek trails on Forest Service

Trail Description

Union Peak is at the far right foreground and the Stuart Falls Trail lies behind it and in front of Mount McLoughlin, which is in the background and left of Union Peak, photo by Robert Mutch


Teens rehabilitate trails near Crater Lake, Crater Lake News, Aug. 18, 2005

Biodiversity of Red Blanket Canyon, Nature Notes From Crater Lake, Vol. 23, 1992

This section of trail connects the southern section of the Pacific Crest Trail with the Red Blanket Falls Trail on the adjoining Sky Lakes Wilderness. The northern half of this trail ends at the Crater Lake National Park southern border.

The forest overstory is a mixture of shasta red fir, mountain hemlock and lodgepole pine.

Trailhead location: Trailhead coordinates are given above for the location where the Stuart Falls Trail departs from the southern end of the Pacific Crest Trail. This trailhead can be reached from where Highway 62 meets with the PCT near the Annie Springs Entrance and south of the Annie Springs Entrance at a turnout.

Seasonal Information: Expect the trail to be covered in snow from October to early July, however, conditions vary somewhat from year to year. See Crater Lake Current Conditions for more information.




Stuart Falls Trail Elevation Profile


Related Maps

Digital USGS topographic maps (PDF files) - the following maps are relevant to the Stuart Falls trail. See more Crater Lake Institute online USGS digital maps.

Series Name Year Scale Contour Interval File Size
USGS 7.5' Union Peak 1985 1:24,000 40 ft 4898 KB (4.78 mb)
USGS 30' x 60' Crater Lake 1989 1:100,000 50 m 11359 KB (11.1 mb)
USGS 30' x 60' Diamond Lake 1978 1:100,000 50 m 11606 KB (11.33 mb)
USGS 1 x 2 Klamath Falls 1970 1:250,000 200 ft 8463 KB (8.27 mb)
USGS 1 x 2 Medford 1976 1:250,000 200 ft 9630 KB (9.4 mb)
USGS 1 x 2 Roseburg 1970 1:250,000 200 ft 10053 KB (9.82 mb)



Please remember to practice "leave no trace outdoor ethics" when you are out on Crater Lake National Park's trails...and have fun!




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