02 Acronyms

Weather and Climate Inventory, Klamath Network, National Park Service, 2007


AASC   American Association of State Climatologists

ACIS   Applied Climate Information System

ASOS   Automated Surface Observing System

AWOS   Automated Weather Observing System

AgriMet   Pacific Northwest Cooperative Agricultural Network

BLM   Bureau of Land Management

CALTRANS   California Department of Transportation

CARB   California Air Resources Board

CASTNet   Clean Air Status and Trends Network

CDEC   California Data Exchange Center

CIMIS   California Irrigation Management Information System

COOP   Cooperative Observer Program

CRLA   Crater Lake National Park

CRN   Climate Reference Network

CWOP   Citizen Weather Observer Program

DFIR   Double-Fence Intercomparison Reference

DRI   Desert Research Institute

DST   daylight savings time

ENSO   El Niño Southern Oscillation

EPA   Environmental Protection Agency

FAA   Federal Aviation Administration

FIPS   Federal Information Processing Standards

GMT   Greenwich Mean Time

GOES   Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite

GPMP   NPS Gaseous Pollutant Monitoring Program

GPS   Global Positioning System

I&M NPS   Inventory and Monitoring Program

LABE   Lava Beds National Monument

LAVO   Lassen Volcanic National Park

LST   local standard time

KLMN   Klamath Inventory and Monitoring Network

NADP   National Atmospheric Deposition Program

NASA   National Aeronautics and Space Administration

NCDC   National Climatic Data Center

NetCDF   Network Common Data Form

NOAA   National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

NPS   National Park Service

NRCS   Natural Resources Conservation Service

NRCS-SC   NRCS snowcourse network

NWAC   Northwest Weather and Avalanche Center

NWAVAL   Northwest Weather and Avalanche Center network

NWS   National Weather Service

ODEQ   Oregon Department of Environmental Quality network

ODOT   Oregon Department of Transportation network

ORCA   Oregon Caves National Monument

PDO   Pacific Decadal Oscillation

PNA   Pacific-North America Oscillation

PRISM   Parameter Regression on Independent Slopes Model

RAWS   Remote Automated Weather Station network

RCC   regional climate center

REDW   Redwood National Park

SAO   Surface Airways Observation network

SCAN   Soil Climate Analysis Network

SOD   Summary Of the Day

Surfrad   Surface Radiation Budget network

SNOTEL   Snowfall Telemetry network

USDA   U.S. Department of Agriculture

USGS   U.S. Geological Survey

UTC   Coordinated Universal Time

WBAN   Weather Bureau Army Navy

WHIS   Whiskeytown National Recreation Area

WMO   World Meteorological Organization

WRCC   Western Regional Climate Center

WX4U   Weather For You network

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