27 5.6. Summarized Conclusions and Recommendations

Weather and Climate Inventory, Klamath Network, National Park Service, 2007

 5.0. Conclusions and Recommendations

 5.6. Summarized Conclusions and Recommendations

  • Automated stations in KLMN park units are associated primarily with the RAWS and SNOTEL networks. Expanded coverage of these networks could be considered in locations including the north rim of Crater Lake in CRLA, northern LABE, and central REDW.
  • CRLA is well known for heavy winter snowfall, yet has little automated station coverage to monitor snowfall. The park unit could consider converting one of the existing NRCS-SC sites into an automated SNOTEL station.
  • Northeastern and southwestern LAVO are currently lacking automated weather stations. Suitable sites for new automated stations in LAVO include locations along Highway 89 and the access road from Chester, California.
  • Uncertainties related to siting and data record reliability at the CWOP site in ORCA underscore the need for an automated station such as RAWS within ORCA. The RAWS network has well-identified siting standards and already has a substantial presence in the ORCA area.
  • Climate monitoring efforts in KLMN will benefit by continuing the operation of those long-term climate stations identified in and near KLMN park units.

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