12807 – Restoration Strategies for Collomia mazama-Phase II

Investigator’s Annual Reports (IAR’s) for Crater Lake National Park

Restoration Strategies for Collomia mazama-Phase II


Report Number: 12807

Permit Number: CRLA1997ASPB

Date Received: Jan 01, 1998

Reporting Year: 1997

Principal Investigator: Casey Baldwin, University of Idaho, Dept. Forest Resources

Park-assigned Study Id. # CRLA1997ASPB

Permit Expiration Date: Jan 01, 1998

Permit Start Date: Jan 01, 1997

Study Starting Date: Jan 01, 1996

Study Ending Date: Jan 01, 1999

Study Status: Completed

Activity Type: Other

Subject/Discipline: Other

Objectives: Develop large scale vegetative propagation and seedling propagation protocols. 2) Determine the physical and biological factors significant to the establishment success f c. mazama. 3) Develop photographic monitoring protocols for long-term monitoring of populaitons. 4) Develop educational materials for both the general public and park personnel.

Findings and Status:  Large scale vegetatiove propatation and seedling propagation methods have been developed. Cloned material has been successfully propagated and planted in Fall 1997. Stereo photoplots were established, black & white, color and IR film was evaluated. Identification with black & white film was most accurate (100%) at placing individuals in one of four demographic stage classes. Vesicular-Arbuscular mychorrizal associations with C. mazama have been documented.

For this study, were one or more specimens collected and removed from the park but not destroyed during analyses? No

Funding provided this reporting year by NPS: 0

Funding provided this reporting year by other sources: 40000

Full name of college or university:  University of Idaho

Annual funding provided by NPS to university or college this reporting year: 0


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