28174 – The role of western dwarf mistletoe in fire susceptibility and behavior in mature ponderosa pine stands

Investigator’s Annual Reports (IAR’s) for Crater Lake National Park

The role of western dwarf mistletoe in fire susceptibility and behavior in mature ponderosa pine stands


Report Number: 28174

Permit Number: CRLA-2002-SCI-0008

Current Status: Checked in

Date Received: Mar 30, 2004

Reporting Year: 2002

Principal Investigator: Ms Sharon Stanton, Department of Geography, Portland State University, Portland, OR

Park-assigned Study Id. # CRLA-02028

Permit Expiration Date: Sep 30, 2005

Permit Start Date: Jul 18, 2002

Study Starting Date: Jul 01, 2002

Study Ending Date: Sep 30, 2005

Study Status: Continuing

Activity Type: Research

Subject/Discipline: Fire (Behavior, Ecology, Effects)

Objectives: This research investigates the influence of mistletoe on fuel loadings, fire behavior and fuel consumption during prescribed burns. Patterns of post-fire mortality as well as mistletoe spread and intensification will be monitored for several years following prescribed burning.

Findings and Status:  Fourteen plots were established in areas dominated by large ponderosa pine. Plots were chosen to represent a range of mistletoe infection levels. Data were collected on tree size, age, degree of mistletoe infection or other diseases, and biomass of fuel accumulations. Understory diversity was surveyed, including counts of seedlings.

Analyses of fuel accumulations indicate that plots infected with mistletoe do not have higher fuel loadings than healthy plots. Areas with a high density of white fir have the highest levels of fuel accumulation. Biomass of leaf litter is the only type of fuel that shows a positive correlation with mistletoe infection.

For this study, were one or more specimens collected and removed from the park but not destroyed during analyses? Yes

Funding provided this reporting year by NPS: 0

Funding provided this reporting year by other sources: 1000

Full name of college or university:  n/a

Annual funding provided by NPS to university or college this reporting year: 0


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