12819 – Potential for hybridization and gene flow in an isolated population of Penstemon (Scrophulariaceae)

Investigator’s Annual Reports (IAR’s) for Crater Lake National Park

Potential for hybridization and gene flow in an isolated population of Penstemon (Scrophulariaceae)


Report Number: 12819

Permit Number: CRLA1997ASPN

Date Received: Jan 01, 1998

Reporting Year: 1997

Principal Investigator: Shannon Datwyler, Dept of Plant Biology, Ohio State University, Columbus, OH

Park-assigned Study Id. #: CRLA1997ASPN

Permit Expiration Date: Jan 01, 1998

Permit Start Date: Jan 01, 1997

Study Starting Date: Jan 01, 1997

Study Ending Date: Jan 01, 1997

Study Status: Completed

Activity Type: Research

Subject/Discipline: Plant Communities (Vegetation)

Objectives: Population structure and haabitat preferences in hybrid swarms.; a. Elucidate the extent of hybridization on Wizard Island and determine the genealogical relationships of the plants in the population.; b. Habitat specialization. Determine whether hybrids and parental taxa occur in similar or distinct habitats.;Assess Evolutionary implications of gene flow.; a. Patterns of gene flow. Determine patterns of directionality and distance of pollen movement on Wizard Island.; b. Homogenization of genotypes/gene swamping. Assess whether patterns of gene flow suggest potential for homogenization of geotypes or gene swamping in an isolated population.

Findings and Status: Leaf material and one or two stems were collected from five populations in CRLA NP. Two Population each of “pure”P.davidsonii and “pure” P.rupicola were collected from rim populations. From each pop., twelve specimens were measured and leaf samples were taken and one to five stems were removed for voucher specimens. Voucher specimens will be deposited at OSU herbarium. On Wizard Island, 161 individual plants were tagged with aluminum tags, mapped, measured and leaves were removed for DNA extractions and stems were removed for voucher specimens.;The DNA extractions have been completed for all of the plants sampled (209 total sammples) and parental markers are being established for P.davidsonii and P.rupicola using inter-simple sequence repeat markers (ISSRs). Morphological data has been entered and is being analyzed in order to establish morphological markers between parental taxa. Morphological markers as well as molecular markers will be used in order to determine the degree of hybridity within the Wizard Island hybrid swarm.

For this study, were one or more specimens collected and removed from the park but not destroyed during analyses? No

Funding provided this reporting year by NPS: 0

Funding provided this reporting year by other sources: 0

Full name of college or university: n/a

Annual funding provided by NPS to university or college this reporting year: 0


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