12712 – Research Spotted Owl Distribution

Investigator’s Annual Reports (IAR’s) for Crater Lake National Park

Research Spotted Owl Distribution


Report Number: 12712

Current Status: Checked in

Date Received: Jan 01, 1998

Reporting Year: 1992

Principal Investigator: Ken Stahlnecker, National Park Service, Crater Lake National Park

Permit#: CRLA1992ADNT

Park-assigned Study Id. # CRLA1992ADNT

Permit Expiration Date: Jan 01, 1998

Permit Start Date: Jan 01, 1998

Study Starting Date: Jan 01, 1992

Study Ending Date: Jan 01, 1994

Study Status: Completed

Activity Type: Other

Subject/Discipline: Birds/Ornithology

Objectives: Determine abundance and distribution of Northern Spotted Owl (Strix occidentalis caurina) within Crater Lake National Park.

Findings and Status:  At the conclusion of the field season seven pairs of spotted owls were located, siw of these pairs had two young each, three single owls were also located resulting in twentynine total owls.

Were specimens collected and removed from the park but not destroyed during analyses? No

Funding provided this reporting year by NPS: 6050

Funding provided this reporting year by other sources: 2000

Annual funding provided by NPS to university or college this reporting year: 0


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