21728 – Seasonal effects of prescribed fire at Crater lake

Investigator’s Annual Reports (IAR’s) for Crater Lake National Park

Seasonal effects of prescribed fire at Crater lake


Report Number: 21728

Permit Number: unknown

Date Received: Mar 12, 2002

Reporting Year: 2001

Principal Investigator: James Agee, College of Forest Resources, University of Washington, Seattle, WA

Park-assigned Study Id. # unknown

Permit Expiration Date: Sep 30, 2004

Permit Start Date: Jun 01, 2001

Study Starting Date: Jun 01, 2001

Study Ending Date: Sep 30, 2004

Study Status: Continuing

Activity Type: Research

Subject/Discipline: Fire (Behavior, Ecology, Effects)

Objectives: See findings below.

Findings and Status:  Progress Report: This study is being designed to evaluate the effect of prescribed burning in spring and fall on a mixed-conifer forest at Crater Lake, Oregon. This year was pre-treatment sampling. We designed a nested factorial experiment in which a range of fires, from wet to dry burning conditions, will be applied in both spring and fall. A total of 24 plots of approximately 2 ha each will be included in the experiment. Eight are fall burns, 8 are spring burns, and 8 are controls. Response variables include fuel consumption, shrub and herb cover, and tree mortality. One unique aspect of the study is to evaluate stress on old-growth ponderosa pine through the use of oleoresin pressure sensors, which will be compared between treated and control plots on trees of similar vigor. Burns are scheduled for the 2002 burning season, and post-burn sampling will also begin during 2002.

For this study, were one or more specimens collected and removed from the park but not destroyed during analyses? No

Funding provided this reporting year by NPS: 0

Funding provided this reporting year by other sources: 50000

Full name of college or university:  n/a

Annual funding provided by NPS to university or college this reporting year: 0


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