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Research Needs

The following topics represent areas where more information is needed. We hope that these topics will spark your professional interest in conducting research at the park.

Conservation Biology | Earth Sciences and Vocanology | Ecology/Ecosystem Processes

Fish and Wildlife Sciences | Forest Sciences | Plant Science and Mycology

Social Sciences


The following individuals helped to identify areas of research interest that would aid park managers in understanding the complex ecosystems we are charged to protect:

James Agee (Univ. of Washington)

Susan Boultan (Univ. of Washington)

Chris Newhall (Univ. of Washington)

Larry Bancroft (National Park Service)

Mac Brock (National Park Service)

Mark Buktenica (National Park Service)

Gary Davis (National Park Service)

Marsha Davis (National Park Service)

David Ek (National Park Service)

Kathy Jope (National Park Service)

Jon Riedel (National Park Service)

Ruth Jacobs (U.S. Geological Service)

Darryll Johnson (U.S. Geological Service)

Gary Larson (U.S. Geological Service)

David Peterson (U.S. Geological Service)

Ed Schreiner (U.S. Geological Service)

Gerald Wright (U.S. Geological Service)

Contact Information


Crater Lake National Park

P.O. Box 7

Crater Lake, OR 97604

Telephone: 541-594-2211 ext. 600






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Current Conditions at Crater Lake National Park

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