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Research Permit

Persons wishing to conduct scientific research in Crater Lake National Park can apply for a Research and Collection Permit through the NPS Research Permit and Reporting System website.

A Research Proposal or Study Plan is required in addition to the Application Form. Proposals can be attached during the online application process or can be sent directly to the park Research Coordinator either electronically or via regular mail.

Regulatory Compliance: Each research proposal and application must be carefully reviewed to ensure that it meets state and federal regulatory requirements, is appropriate for the park setting, and does not unduly impact park natural or cultural resources or visitor experience. Crater Lake NP's Interdisciplinary Team reviews each research proposal for potential impacts to natural and/or cultural resources as mandated by the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), The National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA), and a variety of other laws. As many specifics as you can possibly provide the park will greatly assist park personnel.

Permit Obligations: Scientists issued a permit are required to provide an Investigator’s Annual Report (IAR) each year. The call for IAR’s for a calendar year begins in November of that year and runs through March of the following year. Our system automatically generates an e-mail to all permitees reminding them of the IAR Call.

Collections Information: Each scientific research permit is assigned an accession number and an accession file is created to retain information relating to each project.

Non-NPS Collections Repository: Complete address and contact information for the institution where samples are stored shall be provided to the curator in order to document the location of these samples for future researchers.

Data and Publications: A minimum of one copy of all publications and/or reports shall be sent to the park curator for retention in the accession file for each permit. Additionally, for electronic data or information available on the internet, please send the URL where these data can be accessed.

Conditions for Collection of Specimens: The permittee shall review and adhere to the NPS General Conditions for Scientific Research and Collecting Permit, Section 6, Collection of Specimens, which can be found at

Contact Information

Mary Benterou, Park Curator

Crater Lake National Park

P.O. Box 7

Crater Lake, OR 97604-0007

Telephone 541-594-3095



Webmaster's Note: this information is derived from the NPS Research Permit Reporting System website.



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