West Entrance Road

West Entrance Road

  1. North Entrance Road
  2. South Entrance Road
  3. West Entrance Road
  4. Munson Valley Road
  5. West Rim Drive
  6. East Rim Drive
  7. Pinnacles Road

From the Diamond Lake (North) Junction on Rim Drive, the North Entrance Road runs 9.2 miles north to meet state highway 138. Open pumice fields and features like Red Cone (7363′), Bald Crater (6478′), and Grouse Hill (7412′) dominate the panorama as visitors ascend from the northern park boundary to the Crater Lake rim.

Annie Spring bridge in 1929

The original Annie Springs Bridge, 1929


Annie Spring (south) Entrance Station


west park boundary


1060 feet .2 miles


Castle Creek Canyon view


Elephant’s Back


forest of hemlocks, western white pines, and Shasta red firs


Whitehorse Creek crossing


Engelmann spruce


Whitehorse Bluff


Watchman view


sharp curve


Cascade Summit Divide


Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail

  • The Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) crosses the roadway within a mile of the junction and a sign points to an adjacent unsurfaced parking area for trail users.
  • Heading west from the PCT crossing, drivers have virtually nowhere to park alongside the roadway for about 5 miles until a paved pullout delineated with bituminous curb called “Elephant’s Back” is reached. It permits those who stop on either side of the road to see where the canyons created by Castle Creek and Little Castle Creek meet.
  • A half mile to the west is another paved pullout overlooking Castle Creek Canyon that once served as the park’s west entrance before boundary expansion in 1980. The pullout features a vault toilet and information kiosk installed during 2001.
  • Visitors can also stop at the current west entrance a little less than a mile further on, where a sign built in 1998 replicates a rustic log structure erected by the Civilian Conservation Corps in 1935

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