Picnic Areas in Crater Lake National Park

President Garfield banquet picnic in 1908 – NPS Focus

There is nothing like have a bite to eat while watching the amazing blue waters of Crater Lake, sitting under the canopy of an ancient forest or….well, you get the idea.

(1) Ponderosa Pine Picnic Area: This picnic area is set amid a forest dominated by ponderosa pine and conifers such as Douglas fir, sugar pine, and white fir. It contains a vault toilet and information kiosk completed in 2002, with only a short walk down slope from these facilities required for visitors to reach Annie Creek. Located less than a half mile from the park’s south entrance, this is the only place motorists can stop within the “panhandle,”. [History of Rim Drive]

(2) Annie Falls Picnic Area: Annie Falls can be seen from the southern end of a short loop road. Across the canyon is Crater Peak, a feature easily seen from the highway by looking east. [History of Rim Drive]

(3) Lodgepole Picnic Area: Although bereft of scenic vistas, this picnic area lies beneath the canopy of a wonderful old forest. It is located across the road from a trailhead leading to Pumice Flat and Union Peak. [History of Rim Drive]

(4) Mazama Village Campground: Located seven miles from the rim of Crater Lake just inside the south entrance gate of Crater Lake National Park, the Mazama Village Campground has 212 Tent and RV sites. The campground is open from mid-June to late September/early October, weather permitting.

(5) Goodbye Creek Picnic Area: Located on the Munson Valley road past the south entrance. Two parking areas on the north side of this bridge form the Goodbye Creek Picnic Area; the stream separates one set of tables from the other. [History of Rim Drive]

(6) Rim Village Picnic Area: Formerly a campground, this area was converted to a picnic area, in part, to reduce congestion and development at the rim. It has many picnic table sites with grated pits beneath a forest canopy, and near the Crater Lake Lodge.

(7) Lightning Spring Picnic Area

(8) Steel Bay Picnic Area: Located above Steel Bay

(9) Pumice Point Picnic Area: Located near Pumice Point

(10) Whitebark Pine Picnic Area: Near the Mount Scott trailhead; pit toilets; amongst a stand of Whitebark pines.

(11) Lost Creek Campground: Operated by the National Park Service, Lost Creek Campground contains 16 sites for tent camping only. It is located in the southeast corner of the park, three miles south of east rim drive on Pinnacles Road. It is, generally, open from late May through early-October, weather permitting. The campground tends to fill on weekends, but usually not before mid-afternoon. If offers running water, sinks, and flush toilets. Each site has a picnic table, fire ring, and a food locker. Payment can be made by cash or check. Holders of a Senior Pass or Access Pass receive a 50% discount. For further information, contact the National Park Service at 541-594-3100.

(12) Vidae Falls Picnic Area: This picnic area is across the road from a parking area in front of Vidae Falls. The falls are a cascade about 100′ high. A few visitors take the short access road below the falls to a picnic area, which also contains a trailhead to a cinder cone called Crater Peak. [History of Rim Drive]

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