Rehabilitation of Highway 62 West, Crater Lake National Park, Klamath County, Oregon



Approximately 30% of the land in the United States is under jurisdiction of the federal government. The Federal Lands Highway Program was created with the 1982 Surface Transportation Assistance Act. The primary purpose of the Federal Lands Highway Program is to provide funding for a coordinated program of public roads that serve the transportation needs of federal lands, which are not a state or local government responsibility. Federal Lands Highway Program roads serve recreational travel and tourism, protect and enhance natural resources, provide sustained economic development in rural areas, and provide needed transportation access for American Indians.

The Federal Highway Administration, through interagency agreements with federal land managing agencies including the National Park Service, administers a coordinated federal lands program consisting of forest highways, public lands highways, park roads and parkways, refuge roads, and reservation roads. This program provides funding for more than 90,000 miles of federally owned and public authority-owned roads, which serve federal lands. There are approximately 8,000 miles of park roads and parkways under jurisdiction of the National Park Service. Program funds may only be used on public roads under the jurisdiction of the National Park Service. General program responsibilities include:

  • The National Park Service develops a priority program of projects within available funding.
  • The program is jointly administered by the National Park Service and the Federal Highway Administration in accordance with interagency agreements.
  • The Federal Highway Administration undertakes a majority of the design and construction and the National Park Service is responsible for planning, environment, and protection of park values.

This project, Rehabilitate Highway 62 West, would be funded through the Federal Lands Highway Program. The Federal Highway Administration, Western Federal Lands Highway Division, is a cooperating agency on the design of the project and the preparation of the environmental assessment.


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