Crater Lake’s Best Trails

Crater Lake National Park contains more than 100 miles of hiking trails. Note that the steep terrain around Crater Lake means that the time, length, and difficulty of our trails are not directly related. Times given are estimates of how long it will take to complete the trail and return to the trailhead.

Please note there are several other trails and many variations of trails. Some trails, such as the Pacific Crest Trail section, would be difficult to complete in one day. Have fun and explore. Complete descriptions of all trails are here.

Quick Start Trails Guide
Best Trails at Crater Lake
Complete Trails List
Overnight parking on the Rim is here.
Overnight parking at Munson Vallery is here.
Rules and Regulations for Hiking
 Pacific Crest Trail
Leave No Trace Ethic
Hiking Trails within Crater Lake National Park

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