Rim Village Overnight Parking

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Backcountry users may park in either the Park Headquarters area or Rim Village. You are responsible for ensuring that your car is parked in a designated overnight parking area. If your vehicle is left in a non-designated area, it may be seriously damaged by snow removal equipment or towed at your expense. You will be required to provide vehicle description(s) and license plate number(s) when you receive your backcountry permit.

The road from Headquarters to Rim Village is plowed on a regular basis. However, due to heavy snowfall this section of road is often closed for hours or days at a time. Keep this in mind as you decide where to park your car. You may need to ski along the Raven Trail between Rim Village and Park Headquarters to return to your vehicle.

(10) Rim Village Cafe and Gift Shop

(11) Community Center

(12) Rim Village Overnight Parking

(13) Rim Visitor Center

(14) Sinnott Memorial Overlook

(15) Rim Village Picnic Area

(16) Crater Lake Lodge

And, a couple of photos of the Rim parking lot so you’ll understand.