Maps of Crater Lake and Surrounding Area

Current park maps from Crater Lake National Park

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CRLAmap1 download

Regional map of Crater Lake National Park and others  nearby.

CRLAmap2 pdf download

Winter map showing roads open
Regional map showing winter access


Possibly the largest online collection of Crater Lake maps in existence and we’re proud to say that many belong to the Crater Lake Institute.

USGS topographic maps of Crater Lake N.P. are now available in compressed PDF format. 17 maps


Historic Maps


Older and historic maps of Crater Lake, many in our own Crater Lake Institute collection. 16 maps





 Timeline: Crater Lake on the Map


When did Crater Lake first begin to appear on maps? We take a close look at several maps beginning in 1835 and ending in 1911, when Crater Lake was beginning to be established on maps.

12 maps