Historic Maps

Historic Maps of Crater Lake and Surrounding Area

Possibly the largest single collection of Crater Lake historic maps, and many of these are in the Crater Lake Institute Collection.

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map1-f1919 Map Showing Proposed enlargement of the Crater Lake National Park






map2-f1908 Crater Lake, Oregon, Map, United States Geological Survey, Professional Paper No. 60, The Interpretation of Topographic Maps





map3-f1902 New York Century Company Atlas map of Oregon




map4-f1893 Columbian World’s Fair Atlas of the World Map of Oregon




map5-f1911 Crater Lake National Park Administrative Topographic Map, Dept. of the Interior, U.S. Geological Survey






map6-fReprinted 1925 Dept. of Interior, U.S. Geological Society, Crater Lake National Park Topographic Map






map7-f1904 Crater Lake National Park Plat Survey Map






map8-f1913 Map Showing Routes to Crater Lake







map9-f1923 Map of Crater Lake National Park







map10-f1913 Map of Crater Lake National Park







map11-f1965 Crater Lake National Park Map







1892map12-f Crater Lake National Park Model, U.S. Geological Survey







map13-fShaded-Relief Bathymetry Image of Crater Lake, Oregon





map14-f1923 Map Showing Automobile Roads Between Crater Lake, Lassen Volcanic, and Mount Rainier National Parks





map15-f1997 Geologic Map of the Crater Lake Caldera Floor, United States Geological Survey






map16-f1997 Map of Earthquake Locations – Crater Lake Region, 1920-1925, United States Geological Survey