57 Chapter 17: Planning and Development at Rim Village: 1886 – present

Crater Lake National Park: Administrative History by Harlan D. Unrau and Stephen Mark, 1987


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CHAPTER SEVENTEEN: Planning and Development at Rim Village: 1886 – present


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Earlier work by Harlan Unrau of the Denver Service Center has documented park-wide planning from 1916 to 1987.* Since publication of the first two volumes of Crater Lake National Park’s Administrative History in early 1988, park staff have communicated the need for more contextual information about the proposed redevelopment of Rim Village. Specifically, they wanted to know what the major planning thrusts have been in the past and how these efforts have shaped the site’s development.

Rim Village has been the center of visitor activity at Crater Lake since before the park’s establishment. It has received the most attention of any site in the park from planners and is currently the subject of a multi-million dollar redevelopment effort. This chapter covers the period from first documented use in 1886 to the closing of the Crater Lake Lodge in 1989. Particular emphasis is placed on planning since 1967, when a 30 year concession contract was signed by the National Park Service and Crater Lake Lodge, Inc.