Map Prepared of Crater Lake: Oregon National Park is Shown Fully by Contour – June 14, 1903

Map Prepared of Crater Lake: Oregon National Park is Shown Fully by Contour

San Francisco Call

San Francisco, California
June 14, 1903

Washington, June 12. — Since the railroad has begun organizing excursions to Crater Lake, Oregon, the demand for a map of that region has greatly increased, and to meet this demand the Crater Lake special map, prepared by the United States Geological Survey, has been brought up to date and so extended as to represent the whole of the Crater Lake National Park, on the scale of one mile to an inch. The map is now ready for distribution.

The elevations and depressions are shown by contours representing vertical intervals of 100 feet. To denote the very steep inner slope of the great depression containing the lake the contours are crowded close together; to show the outer gentler slope they are far apart.

The soundings of the lake are marked on the map, and its greatest depth, nearly 2000 feet, makes it the deepest fresh water in the United States.

On the back of the map is a description by J. S. Diller of the geological features and history of Mount Mazama, including the eruption of its lava flows and pumice, its glaciation and its final engulfment, which produced the great caldera, on the bottom of which arose a small volcanic cone that now forms Wizard Island in the lake. Three excellent views are given–one of the western part of the rim, from a photograph by Burton L. Cunningham of Ashland; another shows Mount Mazama restored, and the third is a view of a model which makes the depression containing the lake very impressive. The price of the map is 5 cents.