Local Man Wins Trophy in Hard Trip – August 6, 1922

Local Man Wins Trophy in Hard Trip

Oakland Tribune

Oakland, California
August 6, 1922


Frank W. Hudson of Oakland, driving a Ford coupe, was the first motorist to reach Crater Lake this year over the road that leads to the famous national park from Klamath Falls, Oregon.

Hudson encountered all sorts of hardships on the way and near the end of his trip he collapsed several times in a walk of four miles from the rim of the great lake to the government ranger’s station, where he could secure food.

At one place it was necessary to tie the car to a tree to keep it from falling over a bank.

The unusual route to Crater Lake has been from Medford and the government men open that road first because of the heavy travel over it.

Klamath Falls has been trying to induce travelers to visit their community, then go to Crater Lake, and offered a trophy to the driver of the first car to make a trip over such a route this year.

Hudson won the cup, but he surely earned it, according to word from Don Neher Ford dealer here, who talked with Hudson and in whose salesroom Hudson’s trophy is being exhibited this week.