Establishment of Crater Lake Should Spur Advocates of Roosevelt Reserve – August 28, 1924

Establishment of Crater Lake National Park Should Spur Advocates of Roosevelt Reserve

The Bismarck Tribune
Bismarck, North Dakota
August 28, 1924


Friends of Memorial Park in Heart of Dakota Bad Lands Can Study to Good Advantage Methods Employed By Oregon

Those interested in establishing a national park in the North Dakota Bad Lands dedicated to Theodore Roosevelt should be encouraged by the successful efforts of Oregon lovers of nature and outdoor life who secured for their state Crater Lake National Park, one of the most beautiful of the national reserves.

crater-lake-roosevelt-reserve“CAULDRON-LIKE and circular, 7,000 feet high, is perched amid the peaks. Perpendicular sides of slaggy lava rise over a thousand feet from waters of indigo blue 6 miles across and 2,000 feel deep.Congressman Sinnott in the House of Representatives when the establishment of the park was under discussion described the great beauty of Crater Lake, unique in its scenic grandeur, in these most forceful words:

“To the scientist, a mighty volcano collapsed within itself, Mount Mazama, 15,000 feet high, telescoped.

“To the poet, ‘the sea of sapphire,’ ‘the sea of silence,’ ‘the lake of mystery.’

“To me, a shell hole of a war of worlds—who knows?

“Could the great blind poet have seen this marvel ere his pen had Lucifer and his host of rebel angels—

Hurled headlong flaming from the ethereal sky.

With hideous ruin and combustion down—

in Miltonic imagery here he’d have found the impact.”

Popularity Growing

The writer recently made a pilgrimage to this park which is ever growing in popularity, situated in the very heart of the Cascade Range in southern Oregon. Less than twenty-five years ago it was dedicated as a park, but its development has been slow as a great tourist resort. Even today many tourists who visit Yellowstone and Glacier fail to realize that near Medford, Ore., is one of the most beautiful wonders to be found on this or any other continent.

In our own state, however, amid the scenes of Roosevelt’s early adventures can be created a national park out of the public domain that will be as interesting and as alluring as Crater Lake.

Crater Lake National Park has an area of 249 square miles or 159,360 acres. The lake itself is 6 miles In diameter and of the most beautiful blue, occupying the crater of an extinct volcano. Surmounted by volcanic cones, the lake lies as in a great bowl and in places is 2,000 feet deep.

It was not discovered until 1853 by eleven Californians who were in search of the Lost Cabin mine About the lake is the famous rim road 36 miles long open to automobilists as soon as the snow melts which usually is not until late in June or early in July. This scenic drive is most inspiring.

Originally there were no fish in the lake but rainbow and black-spotted trout have been planted there and now fishing is excellent.

There are two entrances to the park one via Medford, Oregon, and the other through the Klamath Lake route

Joaquin Miller who knew the west and its great solitudes has described the lake in the following terms:

“The lake The Sea of Silence. Ah, Yes, I had forgotten — so much else; besides, I should like to let it alone, say nothing. It took such hold on my heart, so unlike Yosemite, Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, when first seen, that I love it almost like one of my own family. But fancy a sea of sapphire set around by a compact circle of the great grizzly rock of Yosemite. It does not seem so sublime at first, but the mote is in your own eye. It is great, great; but it takes you days to see how great. It lies 2,000 feet under your feet, and as it reflects its walls so perfectly that you can not tell the wall from the reflection in the intensely blue water you hove a continuous unbroken circular wall of 24 miles to contemplate at a glance, all of which lies 2,000 feet, and seems to lie 4,000 feet, below. Yet so bright, so intensely blue is the lake, that it seems at times, from some points of view, to lift right in your face.”

There are many points of interest upon the lake which must be seen to be appreciated. A boat ride on its most beautiful waters discloses “Wizard Island”, “The Wine Cup” and the “Phantom Shin.” Illusions at dusk or by moonlight are most striking.

A beautiful lodge, camping sites and other conveniences are each year responsible for increased numbers who are seeking out this most beautiful place.

The park is reached via lines of the Southern Pacific and for those. who do not have their own means of transportation automobile stages similar to those used in other national parks are available.

Those seeking to establish in this state a great national park in memory of one of the most typical American* can find inspiration and assistance in the plans and means used by Oregon in establishing their park.