Baggley Named Regional Chief Of Park Service – August 12, 1954

Baggley Named Regional Chief Of Park Service

Reno Evening Gazette

Reno, Nevada
August 12, 1954
George F. Baggley, superintendent of the Lake Mead recreational area in Nevada and Arizona will be chief of region two operations In Omaha for the National Park service, Undersecretary of the Interior Ralph M Tudor has announced.

Baggley is one of four new recreational chiefs named to fill positions created as the result of recommendations last December by a survey team for reorganization of the service. Director will continue to head the regional offices and will have under them one assistant director and chiefs of operations, cooperative activities and interpretation.

Another reorganization of the team—that two new regional offices be set up at Philadelphia and St. Louis—was nullified recently when congress specifically limited appropriations for regional offices to those at Richmond, Va., Omaha, Neb., Santa Fe, N. M., and San Francisco under the old set up.

Daniel J. Tobin, assistant regional director of region one at Richmond, who had been designated in January to become director of the proposed new Philadelphia regional office, was named operations chief for region one at Richmond.

David H. Canfield, superintendent of Rocky Mountain national park in Colorado, will fill the new post for region three at Santa Fe.

‘Fred T. Johnston, superintendent of Crater Lake national park art Oregon, becomes operation chief at region four at San Francisco. All the new chiefs have been in the park service many years.

Tudor also announced that Thomas J. Williams, assistant superintendent at Olympia national park in Washington state, will succeed Johnston at Crater Lake and that Jerry B. House, assistant to 1he> superintendent of the national capital parks’ here, will succeed Williams at Olympia.

No successors were announced to Baggley and Canfield. A service official told a reporter Tobin’s old job is not expected to be filled as there is already another assistant regional director at Richmond.