No poet laureate Aug.-Sep., 1958

No poet laureate

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Aug.-Sep., 1958no-poet-laureate

Ernest G. Moll, professor of English and acting head of the University’s English Department, cleared up at least one misconception in an Emerald interview last spring.

“I am not,” he explained firmly, “the poet laureate of Australia—God knows how that idea started.”

Discussing the subject with Emerald Reporter Mary Jo Stewart, Australian-born Professor Moll continued: “There has been only one Australian poet laureate, and he was a convict during the penal colony days.”

Unofficially at least, Moll has held the poet laureate title for at least 10 years. He is thus designated in the 1958 Oregana and also on a plaque at Crater Lake where some of his poetry is used to decorate a room.

English Professor Ernest G. Moll says the only Australian poet laureate was a convict.