Oregon Bears Claw Fresnan, Oaklander – August 28, 1960

Oregon Bears Claw Fresnan, Oaklander

The Daily Review

August 28, 1960

Crater Lake, Ore. (UPI) – Two Californians were treated for face injuries Wednesday after brief encounters with hungry bears at Mazama campsite in Crater Lake National Park.

Robert Young, Fresno, received a slash across the face and into the white of one eye. Mrs. Jean Groulx, Oakland, in a separate incident, was scratched across the face.

Young said he heard noises outside his tent shortly before midnight Tuesday and turned on a flashlight to investigate. The beam of the light shone into the eyes of a bear, which lashed out with a paw.

The Fresno man ran back into his tent, ripped open the back, and escaped with his wife and heir two children.’

Mrs. Groulx said she was awakened by sounds early Wednesday ind saw a bear with’ two cubs inside her tent. She said she “slapped” the bear to send away — and it slapped back.

Chief Park’ Ranger Jack Broadbent said ,the animals probably were searching for food. He said there was only a small number of campers, and therefore a shortage of food scraps.