Autopsy Has No Signs of Violence – July 2, 1967

Autopsy Has No Signs of Violence

Walla Walla Union-Bulletin

Walla Walla, Washington
July 2, 1967
MEDFORD (AP) — An autopsy has found no signs of violence on the body of a woman found in a forest south of Crater Lake National Park.

Oregon State Police said Saturday further tests will be made at the crime laboratory in Portland by Dr. Russell Henry, Oregon’s chief medical examiner, who conducted the autopsy. Police were led to the grave where the body was found near Prospect, about 15 miles south of Crater Lake National Park on Thursday by a man brought to Oregon by two police officers from Alabama.

Mary Driggs is under indictment in Umatilla County in connection with the burglary of the Price IGA store in Milton-Freewater in which approximately $10,000 was taken.

Officers have said they believe the woman buried in the 4-foot-deep grave was Mary Driggs Harris, 27, of Sherman, Texas.

An investigator from the district attorney’s office in Dallas, said several weeks ago that Mrs. Harris had been killed in Oregon, probably in Lane County, and buried near Crater Lake. A long search was fruitless until the man from Alabama located the grave for police.

Davis had reported Mrs. Harris, a male companion and another couple were in Oregon in March. He quoted the woman in the group as saying Mrs. Harris died in their motel room.

Davis said one of the men told him the three took the body to the Crater Lake area for burial near a [could not translate word] road.