Washington Miss Rules At Crater Lake Pageant – July 24, 1968

Washington Miss Rules At Crater Lake Pageant

Klamath Falls Herald and News

Klamath Falls, Oregon
July 24, 1968


Crater Lake – Mary McIntosh from Mt. Vernon, Wash., was crowned Miss Crater Lake 1968 Sunday night at the Crater Lake Lodge. The sixth annual Miss Crater Lake Pageant was planned and staged by the 126 students working at the world-famous tourist attraction.

Miss McIntosh, who represented the campgrounds, was chosen from 13 contestants vying for the high honor. Five judges, chosen from among guests at the lodge, selected the queen based on personality, poise, dress, beauty, originality of formal and presentation. Judging was done at a tea and during bathing suit and formal competition during the pageant.

First runnerup was Alice Hanley, Miss 4B’s (busboys, bartenders, bellhops and bus drivers), from Jordan Valley, Second runner up was Joan Scudder, MissG eneral Crew, from Norte Madera, Calif. Other finalists were Jennie Cheng, Miss Cafeteria, from Hong Kong, and Linda Hart, Miss Boat Crew, from Fruitland, Wash.

The other contestants in the two-hour pageant were: Margarate Aller, Miss Cabins Laundry; Carol Smith, Miss Curio; Kathy Russell, Miss Dining Room; Kristi Miller, Miss Fountain; Janice Bobman, Miss House-keeping; Coleen LaLonde, Miss Jewelry; Kris Knudson, Miss Office-Gift shop, and Kim Zumwalt, Miss Standard Oil.

Just before the queen was announced, the master of ceremonies asked each of the five contestants “how they felt” at that stage in the pageant. Miss McIntosh’s answer was, “It’s fun to get dressed up once in awhile.”

From the first pageant in 1963, the show has grown at the rate of 400 per cent in four years. The first pageant attracted 150 people and 600 attended the spectacular last year. Sunday night there was a capacity crowd in the main lounge as spectators looked on from various vantage points to get a glimpse of the queen and the other contestants. Among the viewers in the audience were people from New York City, N.Y., St. Petersburg, Fla., Salt Lake City, Utah, the Netherlands and Israel.

Over three weeks of hard work went into the preparation of this year’s pageant. The 13 contestants were chosen July11 at an announcement ball. Each girl represented her respective area of work. Their formal gowns were made by the girls at a cost of less than $3 each.

The stage was made out of sheets of plywood, supported by saw horses and covered with bed sheets and white paper. The lighting consisted of Christmas tree lights along the runway and of lamps for spotlights.

Between the bathing suit competition and the formal competition, a variety show entitled “Minski Review ’68” was presented. The revue included numbers from “Mame,” “Talk to the Animals” from “Dr. Doolittle,” a “Pink Panther” routine, “Bosom Buddies” from “Mame” and a number from “Hello, Dolly.”

Miss McIntosh was crowned by last year’s Miss Crater Lake, Jeane Evens.

Following the crowning, the queen, her court, and their escorts were driven by limousine to the coronation ball at the Ponderosa Room in the cafeteria.

Caption: Miss Crater Lake 1968 – Mary McIntosh, Miss Campground, was crowned Miss Crater Lake for 1968 Sunday night at Crater Lake Lodge. Thirteen, coeds working at the national park were vying for the honor. The pageant is the social highlight of the summer for 126 students working at the park, Miss McIntosh is from Mt. Vernon, Wash., and is majoring in history at the University of Washington.