The blue beauty of Crater Lake – September 11, 1975

The blue beauty of Crater Lake

The Daily Review

Hayward, California
September 11, 1975

Only six lakes in the world are deeper than Crater Lake in Oregon. And Crater Lake’s depth of 1.932 feet makes it the bluest lake you have ever seen.

Located in the Cascade Mountains 80 miles northeast of Medford, Crater Lake National Park blends the blue lake, the lush green forests, and the rugged gray cliffs of hardened lava to make a vacation spot of striking beauty. Here according to the National Automobile Club, are a lodge, cabins, and campgrounds to allow you to enjoy this beauty at your leisure.

From the Rim Drive you can look down on the lake and see the Phantom Ship, a craggy island of lava that in certain lights looks like a galleon in full sail and in others disappears completely. Then you can take a boat to the larger Wizard Island and hike to the crater at its summit. Or rent a rowboat and fishing gear and explore the lake on your own.

On summer nights park rangers talk to visitors about the park’s wildlife and its geologic history. And in winter two ski trails lead from Rim Village to park headquarters. In any season, points out NAC, Crater Lake National Park makes a beautiful mountain retreat.