Crew Surveying for Pipeline – July 24, 1975

Crew Surveying for Pipeline

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Van Nuys, California
July 24, 1975

(UPI) — A survey crew is at work at Crater Lake National Park on a new three and one-half mile pipeline from Annie Springs to Rim Village as a permanent solution to the contaminated water problem which has closed the park.

Park Supt. Richard Sims said the survey work for a new pipeline is “a long-range solution to our water problems.”

He said there is no estimate yet on when the park can reopen because table from raw sewage. Until purification of water can be completed, chlorinated water from Munson Springs can be used, he said.

Engineers have been able to get chlorine into the system in all pipes and drainage of those pipes is expected soon, so that tests can be made to determine what the water situation is from the current supply.