Spotted Owl Survey in Crater Lake NP – Fall 1993

Spotted Owl Survey in Crater Lake NP

Park Science, Vol. 13 – No. 4
Fall 1993, pp. 20

National Park Service

Dept. of Interior
A 1992 survey of spotted owls in Crater Lake NP recorded a total of 29 owls in the park-an unexpectedly high number that included owls at an unexpectedly high elevation.

Most spotted owls occur west of the Cascade divide, but four of the pairs found at Crater Lake were on the east side of the park. Also, although most spotted owls occur in fairly low elevation old-growth coniferous forests, sightings at Crater Lake included one at 6,550 feet-the highest at which a spotted owl nest ever has been found.

The survey involved a cooperative team effort among the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, the US. Forest Service, and NPS.