Centennial Award goes to Crater Lake researcher – July 22, 2002

Centennial Award goes to Crater Lake researcher

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Klamath Falls, Oregon
July 22, 2002
Douglas Larson of Portland has been awarded the Centennial Award for Excellence in Scientific Research at Crater Lake National Park by the Crater Institute board of directors.
Larson is one of the lake’s most published limnological investigator. He became interested in the lake’s limnology as a Ph. D. candidate at Oregon State University in 1967. He was a limnological researcher during the mid-1970’s and 1980’s when he worked for the National Park Service as a “Volunteer in the Park.”
His work and findings, as well as the work of other investigators, are documented in recent Crater Lake Centennial articles written by Larson that were featured in the “Oregon Historical Quarterly” and “American Scientist” His research at Crater Lake is discussed in Rick Harmon’s recent book, “Crater Lake National Park, A History.”

Crater Lake is among the most transparent bodies of water in the world. Secchi disk readings extend well beyond 100 vertical feet.
A ceremony honoring Larson will be held 3 p.m., Aug. 11 in the vicinity of Crater Lake Lodge.

The Crater Lake Institute will establish the Douglas W. Larson Limnological Research Scholarship Fund that will be supported from donations from individuals and organizations interested in furthering independent scientific research on the limnology of Crater Lake.