Lindgren wins 2nd straight women’s 6.7-mile run; Gregg wins men’s – August 11, 2003

Lindgren wins 2nd straight women’s 6.7-mile run; Gregg wins men’s

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Klamath Falls, Oregon
August 11, 2003
CRATER LAKE NATIONAL PARK – Conditions at the start of the Crater Lake Rim Runs and Marathon couldn’t have been more different from those in Tempe, Ariz.

But that didn’t stop Arizona State sophomore and Klamath Falls native Liz Lindgren from winning the women’s division of the Rim Run’s 6.7-miler. Lindgren battled chilly temperatures and crosswinds, just weeks after training in Arizona’s blistering heat.
“It’s harder to adjust to the heat, especially when you’ve come from Arizona,” said Lindgren, who graduated from Klamath Union in 2001. “After this, the heat will be unbelievable.”

Lindgren’s time of 41 minutes, 40 seconds not only won her the women’s race, but earned her second overall behind men’s winner Monty Gregg.

The title is the second straight for Lindgren, who won last year’s 6.7 miler in an even 40 minutes.

“I was looking to go a little faster,” she said. “But I’m pleased. It’s just a fun race. I really like coming up here.”

Lindgren wasn’t the only female to beat out most of the men’s field. Klamath Falls native Amy Bricco was the female runner-up and finished fourth overall, following two men to the finish line.

Gregg was aided in his overall win by company from runners in other races. Gregg matched strides and paces of competitors in the marathon and 13-mile race, then turned off at the finish chute at Cleetwood Cove.
“That helped me a lot,” Gregg said. “I had some people to run with in the front. It’s hard to know who’s doing which race so you don’t know who’s trying to beat you.”
Gregg broke the tape in 38:05, but said the time was “the slowest I’ve ran here in three years.”

Gregg is no stranger to the elements, as he lives and trains in Redmond.

“It’s pretty high there – something like 3,000 feet, so I’m more used to the elevation than others,” he said. “It gets pretty cold too. I run around the mountains in Bend.”
Overall, the race loses 750 feet in elevation from start to finish. However, the finish line elevation is 6,850 feet above sea level, meaning the air is thin.

Lakeview’s Mark Price was the top local male finisher, running 43:36 for fourth place. Malin native Justin Baker broke the top-ten at ninth in 46:11.
Ninety two runners competed in the 6.7-mile race.

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