Crater Lake plates boost park funds – August 20, 2005

Crater Lake plates boost park funds

Herald and News

Klamath Falls, Oregon
August 20, 2005
CRATER LAKE – Special issue Oregon license plates featuring an image of Crater Lake aren’t just pretty. They also represent money in the bank for Crater Lake National Park’s new Science and Learning Center.
Sales of the special plates, which became available in late 2002 in connection with the park’s centennial, have raised nearly $2 million.
The plates have a one-time cost of $20, and $17 of that amount returns to the park. That money has been dedicated to the park’s nearly completed Science and Learning Center, which will offer a curriculum for elementary through high school students and provide research opportunities for college and graduate students and scientists.


Rehabilitation of two historic park buildings for a research center and housing is on schedule to be completed in September.

“They’re coming along marvelously,” said park spokesman Mike Justin.

The project involves the former superintendent’s and the chief ranger’s residences.

Justin said more than 112,700 centennial plates have been sold. And, although most people won’t notice, there’s a new generation of the special issue plates.

The original 9,999 plates, which feature an image of the lake and Wizard Island, sold out earlier this summer, prompting a release of new series of plates.

The only difference is that the original series has a “CL” followed by five numbers, while the new series has a “CK.”
Justin said about 2,500 plates are being bought each month.
“We’re still real happy with the number of sales,” Justin said. “The license plate sales on a monthly basis are still holding up very strongly. It means people are still thinking about Crater Lake.”

The special license plates are available through Oregon DMV offices in Klamath Falls and elsewhere through the state or at

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