Bricco wins despite pain – August 14, 2005

Bricco wins despite pain

Herald and News

Klamath Falls, Oregon
August 14, 2005


For almost four miles Saturday, Amy Bricco ran in pain.

The Oregon Tech distance ace persevered with the skin of her little toe literally tearing apart, and was the women’s winner at the 30th annual Crater Lake Rim Runs and Marathon.

She thought it was a blister.

It wasn’t.

“When I was running, I could feel something tearing, but I didn’t want to quit,” Bricco said. “I wanted to finish.”

She was fifth overall in the 6.7-mile run, the shortest of the three runs in the only road races held in a national park, and improved from her only previous attempt at Crater Lake.

Two years ago, Bricco was second to Liz Lindgren, who had a chance, had she competed, to join Jeanne Otteman as the only person in the 30-year history of the event to win a race four times.

Lindgren did not compete.

That opened the door for Bricco, who finished Saturday’s run in 43 minutes, 27 seconds.

“My time was slower than it was when I ran with Liz two years ago,” Bricco said when the winning time was 41:40. “But, I ran OK. I felt really good and I was trying not to think of the foot.

“I got out hard and fast, and hung on from there,” Bricco said after she finished behind Ben Carlson of Stanhope, Iowa, the overall 6.7-mile winner who was timed in 37:11.

Joe Dudman of Portland was second, 22 seconds behind, followed by Nathan Hoxmeier of Crater Lake and Brad Mangan of Klamath Falls.

Carlson, who will be a senior at Wartburg College in Iowa this fall, was in Klamath Falls visiting relatives when he heard about the race and decided to enter.

“I wanted to get out here and have some fun,” Carlson said. “This is a little different than going around in a city. I love coming to Oregon. The scenery is so much different.

“I thought it was awesome,” Carlson said of running at Crater Lake National Park. “It was a little windy at the start, but it was really scenic.”

A rare, cold, brisk wind greeted the 500 runners who started Saturday after a moment of silence was observed for Bill Hanan, a long-time volunteer from Chiloquin who died since last year’s race.

Once past the wind, the course warmed up comfortably.

Carlson found running with the leaders of the marathon and 13-mile race helpful, too, as he turned in the best time in the 6.7-mile race since Dudman won the 2002 race in 36:33.

“I had a couple of guys to run with, and was behind them, but I didn’t know what races they were running,” Carlson said of marathon winner Tony Hawkes and 13-mile winner Brant Layne.


1. Ben Carlson, Stanhope, Iowa, 37:11; 2. Joe Dudman, Portland, 37:33; 3. Nathan Hoxmeier, Crater Lake, 41:54; 4. Brad Mangan, Klamath Falls, 43:35; 5. Amy Bricco, Klamath Falls, 43:27; 6. Brandon Wagner, Estacada, 44:07; 7. Kelly Kruell, 44:17; 7. Brad Hanson, Klamath Falls, 44:46; 8. Cody Hughes, Salem, 45:02; 9. Andrew Eddy, Klamath Falls, 45:37; 10. Stephen O’Neal, Klamath Falls, 45:38;

11. Scotty Nowning, Salem, 45:45; 12. Tom Etges, Klamath Falls, 46:07; 13. Kevin Froeber, Vancouver, Wash., 46:45; 14. Richard Primmer, Aloha, 46:53; 15. Adam Burger, Keizer, 47:17; 16. Rick Brown, Chemult, 47:22; 17. Joel Sigel Grants Pass, 49:13; 18. Arthur Fowler, Portland, 49:13; 19. Chris Kehr, Klamath Falls, 49:15; 20. Erik Bateham, Corvallis, 50:24;

21. Todd Aki, Union City, Calif., 50:37; 22. Robert Birt, Eugene, 51:27; 23. Tara Morgan, Klamath Falls, 51:32; 24. Katie Thede, Salem, 51:32; 25. Chris Rowan, Klamath Falls, 51:35; 26. Brian Ratliff, Baker City, 51:53; 27. Bert Gray, Keno, 52:12; 28. Karisa Thede, Salem, 52:22; 29. Beth Sprague, 52:33; 30. Richard Stanfield, Phoenix, 52:33;