Layne claims victory in first trip to Crater Lake Rim Runs – August 14, 2005

Layne claims victory in first trip to Crater Lake Rim Runs

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Klamath Falls, Oregon
August 14, 2005
CRATER LAKE NATIONAL PARK – Brant Layne no longer runs in the shadows of his fiancee.
Now living in Bend, Layne won the 13-mile race during Saturday’s 30th anniversary running of the Crater Lake Rim Runs and Marathon, and finished in one hour, 32 minutes and 29 seconds.

Slightly more than nine minutes later, Lachelle Crotteau finished the race.
She became the first woman to finish the 13-mile race, something Layne has become accustomed to since his fiancee got him started running.

“Actually, I just run with her,” Layne said. “It seems like every two weeks I run in a race with her,” and he is planning to run later this month in the Portland Marathon.

What made Saturday special for Layne is that he could claim a victory in his first visit to Oregon’s only national park, one in which the two camped Friday night.

“We just moved down from Juneau, Alaska, and this reminds me of home,” Layne said.

“This is a tough course and the hills on the last three miles. (Crotteau) just told me it was hilly at the end. We hadn’t gone over it before we ran.”

Crotteau used Saturday’s race as an easy workout after having recently run the Pacific Crest ultra 30-mile marathon at Mount Hood, and said the Crater Lake run was a good race.
Being able to run around the lake, she said, was a good excuse for the two to enter the competition.
“I didn’t have any goal but to finish, especially after the last race (at Mount Hood). I wasn’t sure how my body would respond to a good race.

“The first 10K was fast. From there on, it was tougher,” Crotteau said. “It definitely slowed down (when the long, winding three-mile finish begins its uphill run).

“We had looked at a profile of the race, so we knew it was coming.”
Layne won the men’s title by 20 seconds over Jake Hansen of Corvallis, and Christopher Hale of Beaverton was about four minutes behind the winner.

The second woman to finish was Joanna Harper of Portland, who was ninth overall and timed in at 1:43:39.

1. Brant Layne, Bend, 1:32:29; 2. Jake Hansen, Corvallis, 1:32:49; 3. Christopher Hale, Beaverton, 1:36:24; 4. Jeff Phillips, Seattle, Wash., 1:36:41; 5. Colby Phillips, Eugene, 1:37:31; 6. Albert Lam, Oregon City, 1:41:42; 7. Lachelle Crotteau, Bend, 1:41:55; 8. Vern Latta, Bellingham, Wash., 1:43:22; 9. Joanna Harper, Portland, 1:43:39; 10. Russell Morgan, Reno, Nev., 1:44:31;

  1. Tom Dormeikis, Crater Lake, 1:45:01; 12. Dirk Fearing, Bend, 1:45:54; 13. Ted Pawlak, Albany, 1:46:13; 14. Richard Spaccareli, Lake Oswego, 1:49:21; 15. David Summers, Portland, 1:51:16; 16. Doug Madsen, Bonanza, 1:51:43; 17. Drew Laiche, Portland, 1:54:49; 18. Bary Kaiser, Eagle Point, 1:56:27; 19. Javi Cobian, Merrill, 1:56:29: 20. Donal Skinner, Laramie, Wyo., 1:57:04;21. Butch Stratton, Redding, 1:57:05; 22. Ted Baumer, Shady Cove, 1:58:10; 23.Kirk Addicott, Kenmore, Wash., 1:58:19; 24. Melissa Duerson, Bend, 1:58:44; 25.Carolyn Bridendall, Portland, 1:58:55; 26. Roman Kucala, Hillsboro, 1:58:57; 27.Kevin Mooney, Bremerton, Wash., 1:59:49; 28. Bret Henry, Lake Oswego, 1:59:50; 29. Wayne Whiting, Jacksonville, 2:02:05; 30. Ron Graniats, Jacksonville, 2:02:31;
  2. Bridgette Kenow, Farmington, Minn., 2:02:34; 32. Elaine Wojcik, Poplar Bluff, Mo., 2:03:08; 33. Steven Shuster, Columbia, Mo., 2:03:36; 34. Julie Levesque, Los Angeles, 2:04:11; 35. Arcellus Sykes, Portland, 2:04:17; 36. Susan Hayes, Tigard, 2:04:21; 37. Simone Kaiser, Eagle Point, 2:05:49; 38. Rick Marion, Portland, 2:07:41; 39. Bill Hamon, Pullman, Wash., 2:07:54; 40. Mary Latta, Bellingham, 2:08:34;41. Simon Li, Portland, 2:08:53; 42. Michelle Moser, Minneapolis, Minn., 2:09:40; 43.Kayvan Gahrahnat, Astoria, N.Y., 2:09:50; 44. Rachelle Stevenson, Bend, 2:10:21; 45. Leanne Marion, Portland, 2:11:10; 46. Andy Sedlock, Klamath Falls, 2:12:03; 47.Christian Baxley, Eugene, 2:13:44; 48. Michael Levesque, Los Angeles, 2:14:11; 49.Michael Donovan, Medford, 2:14:56; 50. Brooke Long, Klamath Falls, 2:16:13;51. Courtney Hardy, Corvallis, 2:17:26; 52. Kristin Brown, Salem, 2:17:26; 53. Sarah O’Conner, Klamath Falls, 2:17:55; 54. Robert Lechner, Newburgh, Ind., 2:18:03; 55.Barbara Hodges, Ellensburg, Wash., 2:18:53; 56. David Bekermeier, Ashland, 2:20:30; 57. Kal Kalenian, Big Canoe, Ga., 2:23:04; 58. Susan Miesch, Klamath Falls, 2:23:36; 59. Glenn Miesch, Klamath Falls, 2:23:28; 60. Kristin Woody, Bakersfield, Calif., 2:23:35;

    61. Daniel Griffith, Redmond, 2:23:44; 62. Alexe Bellingham, Portland, 2:24:20; 63.Molly Holzshu, Ashland, 2:25:00; 64. Marna McComb, Portland, 2:25:04; 65.Margaret Becker, Camas, Wash., 2:25:28; 66. Stephell Greenholz, Carmichael, Calif., 2:25:49; 67. Peggy Hill, Merrill, 2:25:50; 68. Deirdre Greenholz, Carmichael, 2:26:56; 69. Don Doane, Jacksonville, 2:28:24; 70. Dan Warner, Chiloquin, 2:28:42;

    71. Frank Glynn, New Milford, N.J., 2:29:07; 72. Jennifer Sallee, Ashland, 2:30:46; 73. Sheila Jarvis, Ashland, 2:30:46; 74. Gail Phillips, Lake Oswego, 2:32:49; 75.Melissa Lindbloom, Roseburg, 2:36:48; 76. Kristine Walker, Tulsa, Okla., 2:37:12; 77. Dick Lamermayer, Aurora, Ill., 2:37:52; 78. Sarah Fritts, Seattle, 2:41:25; 79.C.J. Walker, Portland, 2:42:14; 80. Lisa Hardt, Tualatin, 2:47:47;

    81. Bill Hardt, Tualatin, 2:47:47; 82. Vicki Schwent, Seattle, 2:54:49; 83. Gary Kertz, Salem, 2:55:13; 84. Norman Shaskey, Yreka, 2:55:15; 85. Melissa Sliffe, Vista, Calif., 2:56:42.

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