Parking a concern at Rim Runs – August 11, 2005

Parking a concern at Rim Runs

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Klamath Falls, Oregon
August 11, 2005
In a normal year, Bob Freirich would be ecstatic at the number of entries in the Crater Lake Rim Runs and Marathon.
Not this year.
“The run hasn’t changed,” said Freirich, who continues his role as race director for the 30th annual running of the only races of their kind in a national park.
“Just the parking has changed.”

That, by itself, has Freirich concerned.

Because of construction near Rim Village and Mazama Village areas of the parking, significant changes are having to be made to handle parking and transportation for the almost 500 race entries.

In the past, participants were able to park at Rim Village and be bused the short distance to the start of the 6.7- and 13-mile races, and the marathon.

That trip will be considerably longer this year.

“If you are driving in on race day (Saturday), park your car in the Anne Creek Sno-Park just outside the south entrance to Crater Lake National Park off Highway 62,” Freirich says.
“If you can carpool, that would help the situation.”
Once at the sno-park runners will then take assigned buses, based on their race numbers, to the starting line at the Watchman Overlook, about 20 miles away.

Eight buses have been secured to shuttle runners, with the first bus set to leave at 6 a.m.

Individuals who registered earliest have later departure times, and those who registered last will be on the earliest buses.
In addition, the Park Service will collect $5 per person for entry to the park when runners board their respective buses.

“Those who are camping or lodging at the Mazama Village will be picked up by their respective bus at the entrance to the Mazama Village,” Freirich says.
Those who spend the night at the lodge will be picked up at the entrance to the Rim Village parking area.

The rim drive will be closed to vehicles and only opened to race officials until the Park Service reopens portions of the road after most participants in a given race have passed certain points.
Buses will later take participants back to their respective parking lots after races, and runners will have to make sure their bus drivers know they need to be dropped off at different sites.

All information on bus numbers, the time the buses will leave the sno-park and race numbers will be provided in participant packages and are available at www.craterlakerimruns.

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