Cycle Oregon 2007: The Week Ride – Jun 3, 2007

Cycle Oregon 2007: The Week Ride

Cycle Oregon

Jun 3, 2007


Cascades Backroads


Why do you want to experience the 20th Anniversary Ride? Because for this special occasion, we’re going to show you the best of Oregon on two wheels. We promise you an adventure you just can’t get any other way.

This year’s route is a highlight show of what makes Oregon a cycling paradise. Here the scenery never takes a day off. We don’t have that one destination that’s the centerpiece of the week – every evening you’re likely to say, “Now that was the best ride yet.”

Rolling through the high desert with jagged, snow-capped peaks on the looming horizon. Waking up camped on the shore of picturesque Diamond Lake. Climbing to the stunning volcanic rim of Crater Lake, America’s deepest. Quietly gliding through verdant old-growth forest on one of Oregon’s newest paved roads. Pedaling beside mossy, boulder-strewn rivers and streams for miles on end. Winding through a lunar landscape of lava rock. Picking a favorite memory might be the hardest thing you do all week.

And your time off the bike will be just as fun. You’ll experience the unmatched hospitality Cycle Oregon is famous for: abundant food and drink, live entertainment, local culture and activities, hot showers, massage and yoga, amazing logistical support… we’re here to take care of everything. You just ride – and soak up the experience of The Best Bike Ride in America.
The Basics

When: September 8-15, 2007
Where: Sisters – La Pine – Diamond Lake – Crater Lake (option) – Dorena Lake – Oakridge – Rainbow – Sisters
How Many Cyclists: Limited to 2,000
How Many Miles: 481 (depending on options)
Cost: $799




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