Remains of Long Missing Body at Crater Lake – August 29, 2007

Remains of Long Missing Body at Crater Lake

Herald and News

Klamath Falls, Oregon
August 29, 2007


CRATER LAKE — Skeletal remains of a body found in a remote area of Crater Lake National Park last summer are being studied to determine if they might be a person missing in the park since 1991.

Park ranger Dave Brennan said information about the discovery, made by a firefighter last September in the remote Bybee Creek area of the park, was withheld pending further investigations.

Winter snows prevented rangers from reaching the area until this summer, when park rangers were began a joint investigation with FBI agents and an FBI recovery team.

“From the condition of the remains it was evident they had been there some number of years,” Brennan said.

Along with limited remains, a small number of personal effects were found last year and again this summer. Not enough were found, however, to make an identification. Remains include teeth with dental work, which Brennan said “gives us the possibility of making an identification by dental records.”

Brennan said law enforcement officials have contacted the family of Glenn Allen Mackie of Brea, Calif., whose vehicle was found at the Rim Village parking lot in October 1991. His driver’s license, keys, passport, cash and toiletries were in the car, but no trace of Mackie was ever found.

“We’re certainly looking at that possibility,” Brennan said. “The challenge in 1991 was we did not know where he went to. Brennan described Bybee Creek as very remote, heavily wooded and “not the kind of spot where people would tend to go.” The cause of death remains unknown and Brennan said there is no indication of criminal action.

In a related matter, Brennan said search efforts earlier this summer for Sammie Boehlke, an 8-year-old who has been missing in the Cleetwood Cove since last summer, have “come up absolutely empty.” Searchers spent five days probing the region where Boehlke was last seen.

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