7: References

Mount Mazama and Crater Lake: Growth and Destruction of a Cascade Volcano

U.S. Geological Survey and the National Park Service

USGS Fact Sheet 092-02, August 2002


Ed Klimasauskas, Charles Bacon, and Jim Alexander

Graphics and layout by Ed Klimasauskas, Bobbie Myers, and Peter Dartnell


National Park Service

Oregon State University

University of New Hampshire

Crater Lake Natural History Association

For more information contact:

U.S. Geological Survey

Cascades Volcano Observatory

1300 SE Cardinal Court, Bldg. 10, Suite 100 Vancouver, WA 98683-9589

Tel: (360) 993-8900, Fax: (360) 993-8980 http://vulcan.wr.usgs.gov/


USGS Volcano Hazards Program http://volcanoes.usgs.gov/


USGS Crater Lake Data Clearing House http://craterlake.wr.usgs.gov/


Crater Lake National Park http://www.nps.gov/crla/


See also What Are Volcano Hazards?

(USGS Fact Sheet 002-97),

Volcanic Ash Fall—A “Hard Rain” of Abrasive Particles (USGS Fact Sheet 027-00)

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