The Blue Bucket Mine – 19

The Blue Bucket Mine


     “IN Portland, in 1861, a gentleman whose name, I believe, was Chapman, gathered crowds around him on the street and told them of his having found the famous ‘Blue Bucket Mine’ the long lost mine of emigrant story. He then, and within a few days, completed the organization of about 100 men for the trip. All had high hopes of their coming fortune, for all had confidence in what the guide had told them. They believed that he had found the famous mine. But Mr. Chapman soon became bewildered. He would retrace his course; then go too far south, then north. Several times he got the company nearly famished for water. The men finally lost confidence and threatened the life of the guide. They gave him one more day and then if he found not the mine they would surely hang him . . .”G. W. KENNEDY (Condensed).

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