04 Friday, August 9

Diary of Fletcher Linn

Crater Lake Trip, August 1889

Friday, Aug. 9

        Arose at 4:30 A.M. Prof Watt and Everett took one early hunt, but killed nothing but a rabbit apiece. Had a fine breakfast and plenty of fine new milk. Renewed journey at 9 o’clock A.M. Arrived at Neil’s ranch at 9:40. There obtained gallon of butter-milk, which Prof Watt and ladies greatly relished.

        At Neil’s we took the wrong road and went five miles out of the way.

        In attempting to take a short cut when returning we again took a wrong road and went two miles further out of the way. Got on the right road at three o’clock, about eleven miles from our camp at Inlow’s. The road was terribly rough, and riding extremely tiresome. After enjoying a good warm supper and arranging camp, we spent the evening in playing cards, chatting, joking, etc., and retired at 11:30 P.M. Though all were somewhat disheartened and disappointed at our misfortune, all were jubilant after we found a good camp on the right road, and our pleasure was greatly intensified rather than marred by our mistake.

        “He shall rejoice most, who endureth misfortunes, most nobly.”

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