10 Thursday, August 15

Diary of Fletcher Linn

Crater Lake Trip, August 1889

Thursday, Aug. 15

        Arose at six and proceeded on our journey at nine.

        The road was extremely rough, and all four horses had to be hitched to draw it to the summit of a divide about a mile from the bay.

        The scenery to the right as we passed along the road is quite picturesque.

        Hack arrived at Cherry Creek at 1:30, and the provision wagon an hour later. “Cap” went fishing while the rest of us prepared camp, and returned in the evening with ten fine speckled trout which we had for supper.

        Passed many campers and camps along the road.

        Here found the finest camp we have yet had, so arranged everything very orderly and conveniently as we intend to remain over Sunday.

        All were tired in the evening, so retired rather early.

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