27 Small-scale Features – Benches

The Rustic Landscape of Rim Village, 1927-1941



Small-scale Features


With few notable exceptions, virtually all of the benches for the trails and campground at Rim Village were constructed after 1936 by CCC labor. Twenty “heavy log” seats were constructed in 1937 for use on the Garfield Peak and Crater Wall Trails. These trail seats were constructed using single logs set on cross footings reflecting the “casual” and “undesigned” character thought critical for areas where no other manmade features were found.

The only other benches at Rim Village were designed and constructed as part of the observation bay in front of the lodge. Each bench was comprised of a single stone slab, approximately 4 feet long, with two stone footings. Both benches were designed with a multiple stone backing which was recessed into the slope of the hill and integrated into the rock-work associated with the bay itself.

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