Watchman – Stabilization Costs

National Park Service Cultural Landscapes Inventory: The Watchman, Crater Lake National Park, 2001

 Stabilization Costs

LCS Structure Stabilization Cost:

Landscape Stabilization Costs:

Cost Date:

Level Of Estimate:

Cost Estimator:

Explanatory Description: Stabilize Watchman Trail’s surfacing which has eroded in places along its .5 mile length. The total area requiring resurfacing is approximately 500’ linear feet.

A. Resurface eroded areas of trail and cross slope trail at 2% towards downhill side.

B. Incorporate native stone cross drains reduce erosion.

Stabilization Costs (Estimates)

A. Labor: 4 person crew at $1,200 salary per individual

Total cost for two weeks: $9,600.

B. Materials: Resurface eroded areas of trail with sterile native materials.

Total surfacing materials area: 2500 sq. ft. at 6” depth.

Surfacing material $20-$30 per sq yard.


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