Smith Brothers History, Photos and Posters


Lloyd Smith's ranger vehicle
Larry Smith’s ranger vehicle named Duke
Larry Smith Posters: over 50 posters by former ranger Lloyd Smith – possibly the best visual representation of “Life at the Lake” that exists. All are printable size.

The Smith Brothers Chronological History of Crater Lake, a History and Important Event Log Including Significant Crater Lake Records and Area “Firsts” of Crater Lake National Park.

Larry can be credited with initiating the first effort to compile the park’s history in an easily digestible format. It started as an extension of a report type that the NPS once called an “important event log,” but continual growth and refinement soon brought about “The Smith Brothers’ Chronological History of Crater Lake National Park”.  

See Larry Smith’s Oral History transcript.

Part of the Crater Lake Oral History series of transcribed interviews of past employees.


Lloyd Smith’s Personal Favorites

Brian Smith January 2016 Union Peak summit
Brian Smith January 2016 Union Peak summit
Brian Smith photos of a few Crater Lake adventures

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