Smith Brothers 1920

William Steel relocates to Eugene, Oregon.

Steel’s proposal of a road inside of the Rim, extending from the Lodge to Kerr Notch is officially abandoned by the Interior Department. Steel continues to push for the road and tunnel another 12 years.

The McNary Bill for the inclusion of the Diamond Lake area within the boundaries of Crater Lake National Park passes the Senate. The bill is expected to pass the House unopposed. It does not pass.

A Delco lighting plant is installed next to the Lodge.

July 13
Parkhurst, Lodge operator, loses the Crater Lake franchise after eight stormy years.

July 14
Nearly all Lodge employees quit because of poor working conditions.

August 4
Miss Hildegarde Hillman, granddaughter of John Wesley Hillman, and John Hillman’s son, ride around the Lake on a “good road and in a comfortable, motor driven vehicle.”

August 22
Albert Fall, Secretary of the Interior and Steve Mather, NPS Director, visit the Park.

August 24
Mrs. Agnes H. Burns, appointed the Park’s third Postmaster.

September 22
Seven inches of snow falls at Crater Lake Lodge.

September 30
“The Mail Tribune” reports that R.C. Maddock, boat tender at Crater Lake and experienced mountain man, is lost for 11 days in woods during a big storm.

Grading of Rim Road completed. Total cost of $400,000.

Zane Grey writes article in “Country Gentleman” outlining his fishing experience at Crater Lake. Grey lamented the lack of fight by the trout. He concluded the crater of an extinct volcano was not a natural environment for fish.

“Fount of Aaron”, named by John Maben, because it apparently flows from solid rock as did the spring of Biblical times.

December 19
A “Crater Lake Committee” appointed by Gov. Olcott details its findings about Parkhurst’s operation of the Lodge. They say that the guest rooms are not completely furnished. The lighting system is inadequate, the outside fireplace is not properly sheltered from the wind, and there is no garage. It is stated that the Lodge is weatherproof and is generally in good repair, but considerable money should be spent to improve the interior. The committee reports that the hotel does not have adequate pumping facilities and so has run short of water on several occasions. Laundry facilities are 85 miles away in Medford.

Season Visitation: 20,507

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