Smith Brothers 1941

For the past five years, one quarter of a mile of buildings stood along the road at Vidae Falls, which formerly housed the construction crew that built the Rim Road from Headquarters to Vidae Falls. Another abandoned road construction camp for 100 men stood at the old gravel pit and crusher site under Anderson Bluff. The men were housed in tent houses, with a 40 foot by 60 foot mess hall.

Permanent ranger force living in the Park: Jack Frost, Pete Foiles, Clyde Gilbert, Carlyle Crouch.

Winter search for three skiers. The search is successful.

A private in-holding, the Gladstone tract of 73.65 acres is purchased.

The Wineglass CCC Camp is closed.

July 23
20,000 Rainbows are planted in the Lake. This becomes the last fish planting anywhere in the Park. Over the last 31 years 1,656,000 fish have been planted in the Lake. Kokanee, the most abundant species in the Lake, was apparently mistaken for Silver Salmon fingerlings and introduced in the 1930’s. Only Rainbow and Kokanee have survived in large numbers, although occasionally a Brown Trout is caught.

A weighing-type recording rain gauge is installed at Headquarters. Because of the very heavy snowfall, this type of gauge had only limited success.

December 2
One day precipitation of 5.06 inches.

Season Visitation: 273,564

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