Smith Brothers 1962

January 21
Record low temperature of: minus 21 degrees.

February 13
Lodge Concessionaires, Peyton and Griffin want to match the money they will receive from the sale of the Lodge and put it toward construction of a new hotel. They are adamant that the new building should have a view of the Lake since they are give up a site with a view.

Marion Jack, Science Teacher from Medford, begins his long, seasonal career at Crater Lake. Marion supplies the Park’s horse patrol for two decades. Marion figures there are pictures of him “all over the world.” (see: )

June 25
Rescue off Garfield Peak of an injured hiker.

Two articles about Crater Lake and its formation, entitled, “Crater Lake Summer”, appear in the National Geographic.

August 30
Natural death occurs in Mazama Campground.

$21,000 is spent on the reconstruction of Sinnott Memorial Overlook. The rustic log construction is replaced with aluminum trim, a rock strewn roof and rough sawn cedar boards.

Construction begins on the Lodge Company’s new 100 foot boathouse on Wizard Island. The Government constructs a steel pier at Cleetwood Cove. The upper side of the Rim Wall is blasted to obtain fill material, which is quickly washed away during winter storms. The blast site has been unstable ever since.

A two year project of rebuilding the ten mile South Entrance road begins as the melting snow retreats.

Season Visitation: 592,124. A new record because of the Seattle World’s Fair.

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