The Mountain With a Hole in the Top, Book Cover

The Mountain With a Hole in the Top: Reflections on Crater Lake, Book Cover


Mountain with a Hole in the Top: Reflections on Crater Lake
By Shaw Historical Library
  • 10 x 7 x .45 inches; 119 pp.
  • Designed and printed by SmithBates Printing and Design, Klamath Falls, Oregon, U.S.A.
  • Copyright 2001, Shaw Historical Library
Descriptionback cover: Crater Lake has inspired awe and admiration since the first human set eyes on it. This uniquely beautiful “Mountain With A Hole In The Top,” with its deep blue water and striking volcanic forms, is the setting of many legends and stories, and artists have tried for generations to capture its features in paintings and photographs. The lake and the surrounding national park seem to bring out the best in writers and photographers. The serene nature of the natural setting touches something inside them that leads to clear expression and heightened vision. It has also inspired scientists to explore and catalog those natural wonders, and they too have been inspired by what they found. We are indeed fortunate that this natural temple has been preserved for all of us and for those yet to come.

This volume celebrates the history of Crater Lake National Park with a collection of memoirs, interviews, fiction, original articles and photographs. It was specially commissioned by the Board of Governors of the Shaw Historical Library.

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